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Based on 6 reviews
Dusty Jones

Probably wouldn’t buy it again. Smells good though

Sorry to hear that Dusty, let us know why you are not a fan.

Mike Boyd
Smells great works great

Let’s be honest. It’s stencil applicator, it all does the same thing. This one sticks good. But the main draw is the scent, which my clients comment on all the time. Totally recommend.

Favorite out there!

By far my favorite stencil applicator out there, just wish it was easier to get! Have tried and used the majority of “flavors” available - they don’t smell exactly like the real world counterparts, but i also don’t expect them too because they aren’t actual food items. I also find the scents become more apparent as you apply/rub them on the area versus sniffing right out of the bottle. Looking forward to getting my hands on grape and lemon next!

Jeremy Grahl
Stencil Jam

By far the best primer I've used, dried fast and holds fast. Hands down best primer.

Tiffany Garcia
Didn't smell like Bubblegum

Loved the label and bottle color. I opened it to give it a sniff and to my surprise it smelled more like old lady perfume instead of bubblegum. I asked my fellow artists for thier opinion of scent and everyone also said " old lady"
I don't know how well it works because I gave it away.I never want to smell it again. Maybe I just got a bad bottle.

Hey Tiffany, ive refunded you for the bottle that you bought. Sorry you didn't like the scent, we also carry The Good stencil solution that is unscented if youd like to give that a try!