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Autoclave Bag Sterilization Pouches
Bactine Max - Cleansing Spray & Liquid
Bad Smile Tube Vice Screws
Paper Sheets & Barriers
Barrier Sheets
From $22.50
Save $45
Comes in a compact travel case
Ben Davis Machinist Aprons
Beveled Copper Contact Screw
Bio-Hazardous Waste Bag - 10 Gallon 24" x 24"
Black Disposables
Black Dragon Gloves (5 BOX MAX LIMIT)
Black Pearl Latex Gloves (5 BOX MAX LIMIT)
Save $50
Bloodworks: Sleeves
Blüe Steel Disposable Needle Cartridges
Blue Steel Spring Stock
Born Free / Die Free PVC Patches
Boston Round Ink Bottles and Tops
Braided Wire Insulator
Brass Cap Nut
Brass Contact Screws - Short & Long
Brass Square Sided Hex Topped Binding Posts